Enable you to hire the best people at affordable prices.


Deliver professional recruitment services to Sales, IT & Hospitality businesses.


Spice up the grey and expensive world of recruitment!


Spread our love of cheesecakes to everyone we engage with.

Let us take the strain from your business

We want to work with you to deliver exceptional candidates at sensible fees, filling the job vacancies you are either struggling to fill or simply don’t have the time to.

Let us take the strain of this exercise from your business, so you can focus on what you do best. There’s also lots of yummy cheesecake involved, so what is there not to like about Cheesecake Recruitment?


Our Vision

Spicing up (with cheesecake) the grey and expensive world of recruitment is our goal.  We aim to deliver professional and passionate recruitment services to everyone we engage with, enabling our customers to hire the best people at a sensible fee.

We aim to deliver to our customers by creating a rewarding and innovative workplace where everyone feels valued and understands their importance of their role in realising our vision.

Ultimately though, it’s about the cheesecake.


Professionalism | Openness | Innovation | Teamwork | Cheesecake-ness

Meet the team


Everybody loves cheesecake right?

Our Academy offers a range of additional services and resources for both HR and candidates.

Cheesecake Academy